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  • matching students with teachers organising classes
  • supervising the learning process
  • motivating students while they study with and even after they finish the course
  • 1 out 36 interviewed teachers start working at Skyeng
  • 41% students refer their friends to Skyeng
  • 87% people start studying after their intro class


About Skyeng


  • teachers (#1 among other schools)
  • students
  • classes completed since opening
  • 50 minutes — class duration
  • 24/7 — working hours
  • 1st class — free
  • $330 000 — upfront investment

Skyeng is an online English school of the new generation. We are professionals who help urban citizens learn English even when they are pressed for time.


The school was founded in August 2012. But its story began in 2010 when a MIPT student Georgy Solovyev came up with the idea of learning a foreign language via internet. He tried studying online with a teacher who lived in another city and found these classes very effective.

He came back to the idea of online language school two years later, after he had graduated and worked two years on other projects. He began to recruit the team, to look for teachers, students and investors.

Georgy co-founded the school together with Khariton Matveev and Denis Smetnev, MIPT graduates, and Andrey Yaunzem, a MSTU graduate.

Spring 2013, the project got its first investment of $30,000. The second round of investment — $300,000 — followed in autumn of the same year.

January 2014, Alexander Laryanovsky, the former Yandex Global Development Director, joined the management. He became a co-investor and and executive partner.

In August of the same year, Skyeng launched its own educational platform Vimbox. It creates an online classroom and makes language learning more effective and smooth. At the moment there is no similar product on the market.

Andrey Yaunzem  

Georgy Solovyev  

Khariton Matveev  

Co-founder of Skyeng. A MIPT graduate, the winner of the international physics and math Olympiads. Before joining Skyeng, Khariton was successfully developing his own project — Funday.pro. He began his career as an engineer at the Kurchatov Institute, then was a developer at “Forschungszentrum Jülich”, a European research centre, and the “Bionanophysics” academic centre.

Co-founder of Skyeng, a MIPT graduate. During 2007–2011, Denis was an organiser and a judge of the All-Russia Physics Olympiad. Before joining Skyeng, he worked as a Development Manager at Innova Systems and as a researcher in the Physics Institute.

Alexander joined the Skyeng team in January 2014. During 2008–2014 he was supervising the launch of Yandex, the biggest Russian IT company, onto the Turkish market. Before that he worked as a Chief Marketing Officer at Novotelecom, the biggest telecom company in Novosibirsk. Alexander inspired and launched a number of local online projects. He has been involved in online projects since 1994.

Co-founder of Skyeng. A MIPT graduate, the winner of the national tech Olympiad. While studying at the university, Georgy was working as an engineer at the Institute for Solid State Physics. After graduation, worked as a CEO at the online project Kassa365.ru.

We strive to help people achieve their desired level of English quickly as a step in their personal development.

We believe we are good at

Business Development Director

Ilkin Iskanderov


Denis Smetnev  

Head of B2B Turkey & Azerbaijan

The Skyeng team today unites teachers anf 42 full-time employees from different countries all over the globe, from Australia to Europe.



The company’s office is located in Moscow.

Alexander Laryanovsky  

Co-founder of Skyeng, a MSTU graduate. Before joining Skyeng, Andrey was a Development Manager at Funday.pro, Novo-Trans and Alpha SEO. While studying at the university, he was teaching programming in the school #1581 in Moscow and was training students for the Moscow Programming Olympiad.


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